The list of family names is collated from the following documents, we feel sure that we will find additional names as our researched progress. It is important to remember that the names were written by a variety of scribes and the spellings are very much subject to their interpretation of individuals pronunciation. :-) 1296 Lay Subsidy, 1305 Oakham Survey and 1377 Poll Tax Manor Court & Account Rolls 14th to 17th c Parish Records, Baptisms, Marriages and Burials 16th to 19th c Manuscripts of The Life and Families of 17th Century Langham Wills and Inventories 14th to 19th c Charity Records Gainsborough Papers LLRRO 1618 & 1628 Westminster terriers Archdeacon EA Irons notes for Langham The 1624 Langham Parish Map Grant of £400,000 in 1642, Hearth Tax 1665, Land Tax 1712 Ff or ff at the start of a name is regarded as being simply F Names of curates have been included, they were not always resident
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Langham Family Names 16th - 18th century
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