Studying the Map To study the map in detail we: Redrew it in a scalable, searchable and layered digital format Endeavoured to interpret the map makers symbols and colour codes Made comparisons with the Terriers from 1605, 1618, 1628 and later maps [1760, 1820, 1841, 1904, 2008] What we have discovered from the map The map maker drew the parish very accurately The parish boundary is unchanged nearly 400 years on The fields to the east of the main Oakham to Melton Mowbray road were enclosed The fields to the west remained open or common The main roads were gated Bridges, fords and windmills were identified The main road from Oakham to Melton passed through the centre of the village via Bridge Street and Well Street (Not the current route of the A606) Well Street followed the route of Westons Lane to the north of the brook and on through what is now the Manor garden The location of the Village Cross The location of the mediaeval Hall at the junction of Orchard Road and Well Street The location of houses and house holders Field acreages and tenant names Open the 1624 Map If you have not used our 1624 Parish Map, our Tithe Maps, the 1841 Boundary Map and the Field Name Maps before and would like to take advantage of all features please read the instruction page first - Our maps are fully scalable, searchable and make use of layers allowing you to chose which information to display.
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The 1624 Parish Map