Those who gave their lives: Thomas Bevan Humphrey Chesterman Richard Cole Alfred Horton James Mills Arthur Palmer Claud Roythorne Robert Abel-Smith Charles Symonds Terence Watt The Home Guard Langham had its Home Guard Company. They were called out on one occasion when two balloons were sighted. Ron Hill was stationed on the roof at Ranksborough Hall. In another incident a Junkers 66 was shot down and one of the crew baled out over Mill Hill. Members of the Home Guard carried him down to the Barleythorpe Road on a field gate. Digging for Victory Mick Burdett and Ben Coulson were among those who played their part in Langham School's Dig for Victory. Their plot, made available by Mr Owen Smith of the Old Hall, was a piece of land off Manor Lane. Mick and Ben, with their school mates, marched through the village carrying their spades and forks under the command of the indomitable Dolce Ellingworth. Seeds, be they potatoes (cut in half for economy) or carrots were counted out equally and with military precision. On many occasions the work was brought to an abrupt end by the sound of the air raid siren, whereupon everyone returned to school and the air raid shelter. The return journey was no orderly affair, the young gardeners always outrunning Miss Ellingworth. 82nd Airborne Division The American 82nd Airborne Division arrived at Cottesmore in February 1944 and one of their camps was within our parish boundary - Ashwell Camp (now HM Prison Ashwell). The “Yanks” made themselves at home and were regular visitors to the village, particularly to the pubs. More information can be found in “Langham’s Wartime Experiences American Style by Julian Jenkins.
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