The Midland Railway Company (MR) 30 th June 1845 Royal Assent to Midland Railway Act. 27 th July 1846 Oakham Canal Company purchased by the Midland Railway Co. 1846 Building started on the Syston - Peterborough Line (Midland Railway Co.) 1 st May 1848 Syston. Peterborough line opened. Stations in Rutland - Whissendine 1 (1955), Ashwell (1966), Oakham, Manton (1966), Luffenham (Also used by L&NW - 1966), Ketton (Also used by L&NW - 1966). No station in Langham Parish. 1 st March 1880 Manton - Kettering line opened. Stations in Rutland – Manton (1966). Welland Valley crossed by Seaton Viaduct - 1286 yds long, 69 ft. high, 82 arches of 40 ft. span, clear width 24 ft. 16 million bricks used in construction. This line is now used for freight traffic with occasional main line passenger diversions. The London and North Western Railway (L&NW) 1 st June 1850 Rugby- Peterborough line opened. Stations in Rutland - Luffenham Junction (MR – 1966), Morcott (1966), Seaton Junction (1966) , Rockingham for Caldecott 2 (1966). 1859 Seaton - Yarwell Junction opened. Stations in Rutland - Wakerley [Northamptonshire] and Barrowden 3 [Rutland] (1966). 1 st October 1894 Uppingham Branch opened. Stations in Rutland - Seaton (1966), Uppingham (1960). The Great Northern Railway (GN) 15 th July 1852 Peterborough - Grantham line opened. Stations in Rutland - Essendine (1959). This line runs through the eastern tip of Rutland The Stamford and Essendine Railway (S&E) November 1856 Stamford - Essendine line opened. Stations in Rutland - Essendine (1959), Ryhall and Belmesthorpe (1959). This railway was leased by GN in 1893 and taken into the LNER at grouping in 1923. 1 Village of Whissendine is in Rutland. Whissendine Station was about 2.5km north of the village, which was sufficient to place it over the county border into Leicestershire. 2 The village of Caldecott is in Rutland. Rockingham Station was on the immediate outskirts Caldecott on the Rockingham road, which placed it over the county border into Northamptonshire. 3 This station was located in Northamptonshire and served the two villages on opposite side of the River Welland, which is the county boundary. NB. Dates in italic after a station name show the year of closure.
Middle section of the Seaton/Harringworth Viaduct with flooded Welland beneath
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