Prior to the opening in 1891 of a Reading Room in the Institute (Village Hall) there was a reading room in a local cottage. New members had to be vetted by the vicar. The room was open to ‘Men Only’ from 10am to 10pm Monday to Saturday and during the winter months an open fire was kept going all day, this was especially welcomed by the many elderly members. The National Daily papers were delivered each morning and the Leicester Mercury in the evening. A number of periodicals were also available. In the days before there was a radio in every home, access to daily papers was keenly sought. The reading room had strict rules, no noise, rowdy games or gambling were permitted. The papers were ‘sold’ once a year at the AGM and the buyers for the year could collect the dailies at 9pm on the day of delivery, the weeklies on the following week.
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The Institute - Reading Room
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