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Another chapter has been added to a story which began in the summer of 1939 when pupils from Maynard Road School Walthamstow were evacuated to rural Rutland. Many found homes in the village of Langham and in April 2011 four of those evacuees Ken Bloomfield, John Carter, Leslie Dvorkin and Gary Godfrey returned, to unveil a plaque commemorating their stay. They were accompanied by Alun North, head teacher of Henry Maynard Junior School and three pupils. Prior to the unveiling ceremony, they all joined in Langham Primary School’s end of term assembly in the parish church and were then shown around Langham School by head teacher, Janet Lord. The commemorative plaque has been placed in the Village Hall which was where the weary children were taken to be chosen by their temporary families. It reads: This commemorative plaque is dedicated to the people of Langham, who in September 1939 opened their homes and hearts to the children of Maynard Road School, Walthamstow, London. The love, hope and protection received must never be forgotten and will remain an act of true compassion for all time. The Evacuees The evacuees were joined for the unveiling by people from the village, and two classes of children from the school who had recently been studying World War II. Each of the former evacuees recollected the kindness and welcome they had received and spoke of Terry Weeden and Bernard Payne who were not well enough to attend.
Evacuees - 3 Evacuees - 3
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Evacuation to Langham
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Left to Right Betty Parrott, John Carter, Bernard Payne, Gary Godfrey, Leslie Dvorking