The first churchwardens’ accounts we have for The Church of St Peter & St Paul Langham are dated 1782 (ROLLR DE2150/15). Unfortunately no Vestry Minutes survive before 1835 so that much of the expenditure tends to be unexplained. Whilst the country had moved from the Julian to the Gregorian calendar, with the year starting on 1st January, in 1752, old traditions die hard and in many contexts the year continued to start on Lady Day, 25th March. However, up to 1825 the financial year used by the churchwardens ran from 26th April to 25th April the following year (with a bit of overflow where convenient!). Thereafter they ran from Easter to Easter. The Levy, collected from parishioners, was the main source of income for the Churchwardens. The 1786 account specifies that the levy was then at a rate of 4d per acre. A full set of notes and comment on the Churchwardens’ accounts for the period 1782 to 1850 can be downloaded from the navigation links. Also photographs of the actual account books for the same period, Vestry minutes for the period 1828-1848 though not continuous until 1835 and miscellaneous memoranda may also be selected from the links.
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Church Wardens Accounts & Vestry Minutes
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