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In Spring 2016 Langham Village History Group in collaboration with the Lord Lieutenants committee for the commemoration of the Great War and Rutland County Museum created and presented an exhibition at Rutland County Museum entitled “Life in Langham 1914-1919” The exhibition displayed how life in the village of Langham continued during the war period. There were over sixty A3 panels on view created by the members of the village history group. You can view most of the panels by clicking here.
1. The Prince family, Charlie served in WW1 2. The Horton family, son Divers served in WW1 3. The Rowett family 4. The Harris family 5. Hayes Farm, The Nourish family, son Joe served in WW1 6. Appledore The Rouse family 7. The Bristow family, son William served in WW1 8. Bank Farm as was, now Archway House, Hubbard family 9. The Royce family, Herbert Royce served in WW1 10. The Vicarage, vicar, family and servants 11. The Williamson family, Fred served in WW1 12. The Rookery from the bottom end upwards Mrs Stafford William Palmer with his wife Emma and 5 boys Cloxton family Mr and Mrs Dean Mr and Mrs Steel the baker 13. Manor House 14. Tom Munday, butcher, and family 15. The Old Hall Major Dawson, wife, family and servants 16. The Institute 17. The shop Mr and Mrs Tidd 18. Harewood House George Ruddle, family and servants 19. Brewery Buildings or Brewery Cottages John Casterton and his mother Fanny lived at number 8 James Munday and family lived at number 7 20. Yew Tree Farm Mrs Mantle and son Robert 21. The Wheatsheaf Mr and Mrs Needham 22. The Post Office The Isaac family 23. The Noel Arms Mr and Mrs Simmons 24. The Black Horse Mr Marshall and family 25. Beech House The Cox family, son Arthur was killed in 1917 26. Mr Revell and family 27. Mr Mantle and sister, the baker 28. Langham House, Owen Smith and family 29. The Limes - Squires Family 30. The School
Life in Langham: People, Places, Views - 1914 to 1919