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Lot Langham 1 Agricultural holding, principally grazing land, with stone-built. farmhouse, farm buildings, and cottages, containing 300a. 1r. 16p. (tenants, Messrs. W. P. and E. E. Hollingsworth), sold to Mr, Head (Messrs. U. Head & Co., London), for £8,000. 2 Mixed farm, principally feeding land, with house, &c., 255a. 0r. 5p. (Messrs. T. N. and H. C. Squires), withdrawn at £7,500. 3 Mixed farm, with homestead, &c. 88a. 2r. 26p. Jane Harris, Mr. M. R. Mantle, and others), to Sir Albert Ball, Nottingham for £2,000. 4 Mixed farm, house. &c., 86a. Or. 3p. (Mrs. S. E. Mantle), withdrawn at £2,150, afterwards privately sold to Sir A. Ball, for £2,175. 5 Grazing farm house, &c., 72a. 1r. 3p. (Representatives of the late Mrs. E. S. Smith, Mr. T. W. Munday, and another), withdrawn at £1,950. 7 Grass farm (13 acres arable), house, &,c., 118a. 2r. 5p. (Mr. John Rudkin, Mrs. Jane Harris, and others), withdrawn at £1,750. 8 House and garden (Exors. of the late Mr. Thos. Swingler), to Mrs. G. Simmons, Langham, for £380. 9 Farm premises and stackyard (Mr. Robert Revell), to Mr. J. Littler, Oakham, for £160. 10 Mixed holding with homestead (Mr. John Abbott), withdrawn at £1,750, afterwards sold privately for £1,800. 11 Grass farm (7 acres arable), house, &c., 79a. 0r. 6p. (Mr. W. P. Royce), withdrawn at £1,750. 12 Four enclosures of pasture ,land, 20a. 2r. 20p. (Mrs. S. E. Mantle), sold to Mr. Head for £180. 13 Old pasture land, 11a. 3r. 36p. (Mr. H. E. Hubbard), sold to Mr. T. Weston, Langham, for £270. 14 Old pasture land, known as the “Cow” Pasture, 86a. 0r. 16p. (various), withdrawn at £1,130. 15 Old pasture land, 20a. Or. 5p. (Mr. R. Revell and Mr. J. T. Strickland), to Mr. Herbert Hubbard, Langham, for £400. 16 Two enclosures of pasture land, 5a. 3r. 23p. (Mr. R. Revell), to Mr. Herbert Hubbard for £190. 17 Noels Arms Inn. (Mr. G. Simmons), to the Langham Brewery Co. for £1,750 18 Garden ground, 6p. (Mr. G. Simmons), to Mrs. Simmons for £1. 19 Two cottages with gardens (Messrs. G L Jackson) to J Thompson to Mr Jackson for £200 20 Two cottages with gardens and accommodation land (Messrs. G. Sharman and H. L. Faulks), to Sir Albert Ball for £300. 21 Four cottages in the School yard (Messrs. Cloxton, Hubbard, and others), to Mr. Head for £250. 21a Sheepwash (Mr. H. Hubbard), to tenant for £5. 22 Garden ground (Messrs. T. Munday, W. G. Maude, and others), to Mr. Head for £140. 23 Two cottages, with outbuildings and gardens (Mrs. A. Cole and another), to Mr. Head for £175. 24 Cottage, garden, and paddock, 2r. 18p. (representatives of late Mr. T. 0. Rouse), to Mr. T. Weston for £300. 25 Cottage, garden, and paddock, 1r. 38p. (Mr. W. Jarman and Mrs. E. W. Williamson), withdrawn at £110. 26 Cottage (Mr. Martin Williamson), to Mrs. Jane Harris, Langham, for £165. 27-Cottage (Mr. W. S. Shuttlewood), to tenant for £100. 28 Garden ground (Mr. W. M. Shuttlewood), to Langham Baptist Chapel for £11. 29 Garden ground suitable for cottage site, 13p. (Mrs. W. Palmer), to Mr. Head for £37. 30 Detached cottage with garden, 36p. (Mr. R. Revell) to tenant for £300. 31 Paddock (in village), 2r. 13p. (Mr. R. Revell), to Mr. J. R. Clarke, Preston, for £65. 32 Cottage and garden, 27p. (Mr. H. Edgson), withdrawn at £91, subsequently sold to Mr. Stacey, for £100 33 Paddock (in village), 1r. 28p. (Mr. H. Edgson), to Mr. Philip Harris for £60. 34 Semi-detached cottage with garden, 2r. 2p. (Mr. Fred Williamson), sold privately to tenant. 35 Paddock (in village), r. 27p. (Mr, Fred Williamson), to Mr. Head for £83. 36 Semi-detached cottage with gardens, &c., 3r. 30p. (Mr. Gale Sewell), not offered. 37 Paddock, 2r. 23p. (Mr. R. Revell), to Mr. Edgar Williamson for £50. 38 Garden ground, 2r. 8p. (Mr. R. Revell), to Mr. Head for £104. 39 Garden ground, 2r. 35p. (Mr. Chris. Williamson), withdrawn at £58. 40 Allotment gardens, 1r. 20p. (Messrs. Gale Sewell, Condor, and others), to Mr. Faulks for £50. 41 Allotment gardens, 1r. 18p. (Messrs. W. Meadows and Faulks), to Mr. Wright for £100. 42 Allotment gardens, 5a. r. 23p. (various), to Mr. T. W. Munday for £255. 43 Arable land, 3a. 3r,. 22p. (representatives of the late Mrs. L. S. Smith), to Mr T. W, Munday for £160. 44 Allotment gardens, 6a. 1r. 3p. (various), to Mr. Faulks for £240. 45 Accommodation land, 2a. 3r. 34p. (Mr. R. Revell), to Mr. J. Littler for £170. 46 The Village Playground, 1r. 10p. (Langham Playground Committee)., sold privately to Mr. Owen Smith. 47 Appropriator’s tithe rent charges (producing £29 12s.), withdrawn at £370. 48 Fee farm rents, withdrawn at £480. subsequently sold to Sir A. Ball for £500. 49 Manorial rights of Langham, to Mr. C. S. Dalton, solicitor, Stamford, for £100. Brooke and Braunston 50 Agricultural holding, “The Priory” Farm, Brooke, old farmhouse and homestead and two cottages, 372a. 1r. 7p. (Mrs. J. P. and Thomas Johnston), withdrawn at £8,250. 51 Dairy and stock farm, “Chestnut,” farm house, homestead, and cottage, 172a. 3r. 2p. (Mr. A. Furley Wright), withdrawn at £3,500. Brooke 52 Old pasture land, 5a. 0r. 3p. (Mr. F. F. Rawson), to Oakham Waterworks for £190. 53 Old pasture land, 14a. 2r. 13p. (Mr. John Thomas Sharpe), withdrawn at £240. 54 Woodland, “Brooke Wood,” 19a. 3r. 18p. (in hand), no offer. 55 Grass farm (one field arable), farmhouse, buildings, and two cottages, 157a. 0r. 21p. (Executors of the late Mr. Thomas Jones), withdrawn at £2,850., 56 Grass farm, farmhouse, homestead, and two cottages. 118a. r. 32p. (Mrs. E. Jones and Son), withdrawn at £1,950. 57 Small grass holding with farmhouse, 40a. 1r. 18p. (Mr. J. C. Hill), withdrawn a £870. 58 Mixed occupation farm, “America Lodge,” with homestead, 123a. 0r. 27p. (Mr. Frank Jones), withdrawn at £1,580. 59 Grass farm with Homestead, 121a. 0r. 38p. (Mr. Stephen Royce and Mr. David Meadows), withdrawn at £1,950, 60 Detached stone-built bungalow cottage, large gardens, and orchard (Mr. Albert Clarke), withdrawn at £185. 61 Allotment gardens 2r. 41p., withdrawn at £26. 62 Mixed Occupation “Brooke Lodge West,” 155a. 2r. 37p. (Messrs: H. Hudson and Son), no offer. Braunston 63 Arable and pasture land, “The Ashes,” abutting on the Wisp-road, 43a. 1r. 11p. (Rutland County Council), no offer. Leighfield 64 Three enclosures of old pasture land, 19a. Or. 5p. (Mr. James Ward), to Messrs. George and Leonard Ward for £350. Manton 65 Tithe-free holding (principally old pasture land), farmhouse, and farm buildings, 88a. 0r. 31p. (M. VV. H. Eaters), withdrawn at £2,050, afterwards sold to Mr. F. W Fouler, of South Luffenham, for £2,100. Ridlington 66 Agricultural holding, residence, grounds, farm building; four cottages, woodlands, &c., 434a. 2r. 10p. (Mr. N. W. Wortley), to Mr. N. W. Wortley for £6,000. 67 Mixed farm, farmhouse end homestead, field premises, and two cottages 217a, 1r. 34p. (Mr. J. S. Wild and Mr. A. Thorpe). withdrawn at £3,950, subsequently sold to Sir A. Ball for £4,200. 68 Mixed farm (principally grass), farmhouse, homestead, cottage, and field premises, 150. 3r. 30p, (Mr. Amos Thorpe and Mr. Wild), withdrawn at £2,800. 69 Small holding and cottage, 13a. 0r. 23p, (Mr. M. Wright), to Mr. M. Wright for £410. 70 Two cottages and gardens (Mr. Alf. Russell and another), to Mr. W. E. Baldwin, of Peterborough, for £130. 71 Cottage and outbuildings (Mr. A. G. R. Lount), to Mr. J. Rudkin, of Langham, for £70. 72 Cottage and garden (Mrs. Agnes Mason), withdrawn at £67 10s. 73 Two cottages and gardens (Mrs, Me Preston and one void), withdrawn at £95. 74 Terrace of four cottages, gardens, and outbuildings (Mr. Wm. Rudkin, Mr. Geo. Wright, Mr. Chas. Gary, and Mrs. Sarah Rudkin), to Mr. J. Rudkin for £500. 75 Cottage and large garden (Mrs. E. A. Woman). withdrawn at £145, subsequently sold to Mr. J. Rudkin for £145. 76 The “Noel Arms” (tenant, under a lease expiring 1941, Mr. G. K. F, Ruddle), withdrawn at. £470, afterwards sold to Sir A. Ball for £480. 77 Allotment gardens, 4a. 1r. 17p. to Sir A. Ball for £160. 78 Allotment gardens, 3a. 1r. 12p. to Sir A. Ball for £120. 79 Garden ground, 1r. 5p. Mr. T. J. Jackson), to Mr. Needham Howell for £8. 80 Pasture land, 12a. 2r. 12p. (Mr. T J. Jackson), to Mr. J. W. Grocock for £275. 81 Garden ground, 1r. 12p. (Mr. Amos Thorpe), sold at £8.
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