More than 500 people visited Langham Village History Group’s Bank Holiday weekend exhibition. The result of a two year long study and research project funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund, the exhibition, “The Life and Families of 17 th century Langham” attracted visitors from way beyond Rutland. Members of some of Langham’s oldest known families travelled from various parts of the country. There were Edgsons from Cheshire and a descendant of the Clarke family from Scotland. Of the many members of the Hubbard family who visited, the one with the longest journey came from Illinois USA, having timed her visit to England to coincide with the exhibition. The starting point for the project was a map of the parish drawn in 1624 for Lord Noel of Exton who had purchased Langham in 1600. The map was just one item found amongst a collection of long forgotten documents discovered by Lady Campden in 1987 and subsequently deposited in the Record Office for Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland. Lady Campden visited the exhibition on Monday when she was shown around the displays by members of the History Group and presented with a copy of their newly published book. Another special visitor was Professor Alan Rogers, mentor to the project. On Sunday evening a seventeenth century Evensong held at the parish church attracted a large congregation. Music was provided by the early music group Terpsichore, and members of Oakham church choir led the singing. Rev Jay Ridley donned a periwig as he entered the pulpit to read (with great enthusiasm) from surveys of the state of Langham church during the seventeenth century which could be described as “parlous”. This was followed a homily of the time on the subject of keeping the church in a good a state of repair. After the service, the churchwardens dispensed wine, ale, mead and seventeenth century sweetmeats. Before the display was dismantled on Tuesday morning there was an opportunity for pupils at Langham Primary School to visit and question History Group members. Members of Langham’s History Group declared themselves delighted with the success of the whole venture. Copies of the limited edition, illustrated hardback book which is selling well, can be obtained through members of the group, and on-line through GENfair.
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The Life and Families of 17th Century Langham (The Exhibition)
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