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The DjVu browser plug-in will allow you to view, and print the page(s) required, the page view can be enlarged and moved around the screen, you can choose to view each page consecutively, or type in a page number to go directly to a page. The tool bar below shows the available controls, hopefully they are self explanatory, but if you are a little unsure, give them a try, you can easily go back to an earlier setting. When completed there will be over 100 years of high quality images to choose from, these will be indexed in approximately five year blocks starting with the election of the first parish council in Langham. You may find that you have the required plug-in already loaded, especially if you have been accessing one of the many family history web sites. If not, click here to visit the Caminova web site to download and install the plug-in for your browser. Remember that it is free of charge and there is no linked advertising. Choose the plug-in to suit your computer type and operating system. You are able to request that it automatically installs. Users with Apple computers and devices using a 64bit browser will need to read and follow the instructions for Safari.
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