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The following is an extract from the Will of Sir Francis Butler - 1532 Inventory surveyed to a sum clear of all deductions and allowances £6 10s 8d In the name of God Amen, this 24th day of June the yer off our lord Gode, 1532 I Sir Fraunces Butler prest off Haloughton hale off mynd ande in perfyt memory maike my testament ande Last Wyll in manner and forme following: FyrstI bequeth my soll unto Almighty God & to his blessed mother Sent Mary and to all ye holly compeny In heven and my body to be berryd in the chryche yerde off Sent Michaell off Halaton Aforeseyd Item to ye Hy Halter off Halaton - 4 pence Item to a Preste to synge A trenteall - 10 pence Item to my brother dwelling with Mester Harryngton 6 shilling & 8 pence or my syde gowne Item to William Hubbard In ye bedhowsse off Hocam 12 pence Item to sir Jhon Holland channoces in Laund Habbbey 12 pence Item to Wilham Wattson all my bedyng & my fresse gowne Item to Wilham Homeis my gowne that reymeneth in his handes Item I will that sir Edmond Oliver shall go on Pyllgramage to ouer blessyd lady of Wailssyngham and to ouer lady off Oldwell to Saunt Elyn off Langham to Saunt Augusten off Bestow & to Sant Mawrell off Hallaton Item to sir Edmond Oliver my best gowne and the resydew off my godes nott bequetyd I orden and make trew and lawfull exsecutors that he mey orden and disposse them for the welthe off my soll as he I thynke is most nedful to Answer to God att ye dey o doome. thesse wittnes - Sir Edmond Olyver - Wylham Wattson - Wylham Homeis with others
There is a small close near the village of Langham, in Rutland, which has for many centuries been known by the name of the Chapel Close; and it is supposed, from the rise of the ground in one part of the close, that a Romish chapel formerly stood on the spot, but there is not any record which shows how long it has been destroyed, though that event is supposed to have occurred long before the Reformation. This ground is now in the occupation of Mr. John Messing, of Langham: the parishioners are making a pit through it for getting stone to repair the roads, and the workmen have found at different times eight complete human skeletons, one of which was measured as it lay on the earth, and was found to be considerably more than six feet from the skull to the bottom of the leg bones; and at the bottom of one of the arm bones lay a ring, which is supposed to have been on the finger of the deceased person. Not any remains of a coffin of any kind have been found; and the ring was so much decayed that it broke into small bits on slight pressure. The persons employed have likewise found five pieces of ancient silver coin, about the size of old sixpences, but worn very thin, and having on them the figure of some monarch, and a Latin inscription scarcely visible; also a small copper coin, of the size of a farthing; the date under the tail-side is very much defaced, but it seems to be 850, which makes it nearly a thousand years old: it is supposed to be of the reign of Athelwolf, who died in 856. A great deal of melted lead and slate has likewise been found, and some small bits of beautiful pavement, &c. The hill or rising ground is dug about half way through, and it is conjectured that something still more curious may yet be found. Stamford Mercury - 11 February 1825
Chapel Close